Motivate your team with a self-perception assessment


Motivation Communications Associates provides a different approach to the standard performance appraisals through the use of its "Self-Perception Assessment." The "Self-Perception Assessment" method stands out from the usual assessment instruments in that it focuses on providing an analysis that is specific to the individual and certain situations.

"This vehicle, which takes less than 10 minutes to fill out, deals with the importance of 'mix,' says Jules Ciotta, president of Mo/Com Associates. "How well will the candidate mix in the work environment? Is this employee ready for these additional responsibilities? How do we motivate and develop these employees? Utilize this low cost and quick turnaround assessment to help do the job even better."

The self-assessment works on building relationships among employees by highlighting personality differences, and displaying how these differences can be used in a positive manner in order to improve communication and motivation. Yet, in recognizing these personality  differences, the self-assessment's ultimate goal is to emphasize the specific objectives that need to be reached, and to emphasize it in such a way that increases the motivation of employees.

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Ciotta, self-perception assessment
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