Motivating and communicating

How to be a team player


Here are some steps toward better team work:

  • Volunteer to help your fellow team members when they need it
  • Act – don't gripe.  When something bothers you, do something to make it better.  Don't just complain about it.  Offer a solution and be prepared to carry it out.
  • Learn to make compromises with others.  As long as you are part of a group, you will not always get your own way.  Learn to be gracious when the team decides to go with someone else's idea. 
  • Think about the future needs of the team.  Discuss your thoughts with your teammates and encourage them to work together to meet those needs.
  • Show that you value teammates' time.  When you meet with other team members, be prepared.  Don't waste people's time by not being ready to work in a group setting. 
  • Respect the confidences of others and keep private information private.  Place sensitive information in drawers or cabinets and lock them.  If you need to have a private phone conversation, go to a place where you will not be overheard.

Jules Ciotta is president of Motivation Communications Associates. He can be reached at (770) 457-4100 or

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