RJI Futures Lab update #22

Comments via ReadrBoard and success at the Deseret News


In this week's Futures Lab update, the Reynolds Journalism Institute explores an online tool that organizes reader comments, and RJI looks at how the Deseret News is finding success with a two-pronged strategy.

PART 1: Visual commenting with ReadrBoard

Online comment threads are meant to provide an outlet for the community to share their views, but meaningful discussion can get buried in all the text. ReadrBoard hopes to solve that by creating a plug-in commenting system that structures and visualizes audience responses. Hear from co-founder Porter Bayne about how the system works.

PART 2: Success at the Deseret News

While many newspapers struggle with downward trends, last year the Deseret News saw increases in both circulation and revenue. CEO Clark Gilbert credits a business strategy based largely on developing two separate cultures within a newsroom.

Watch the RJI Futures Lab video update here.


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