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Content That Works offers new holiday gift guide content


Looking to add local flavor to your holiday coverage this year? Content That Works has introduced a brand new "Local Spotlight" option, available with the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Holiday Gift Guide, released last week, features the cover story, "Gift Giver's Guide to Shopping Local." With the addition of Local Spotlight content, media outlets can truly become champions of their community, local businesses and advertisers for a profitable holiday season.

Local Spotlight is a custom content solution. The local media company provides the business name, address and contact phone number for three local businesses it wants to spotlight, and CTW writers and editors will create a profile of each business owner within two weeks.

"Local Spotlight allows media companies to feature local gift experts from local businesses alongside CTW's industry-leading Gift Guide content," says Matthew M. F. Miller, editorial director of Content That Works. "Coupled with an outstanding Shop Local cover story and more than 120 gift ideas, Local Spotlight encourages buyers to spend money in their hometowns."

Local Spotlight will be provided in InDesign, text and image formats and easily can be added to design templates.

"Content That Works seeks to help local media companies spark helpful, productive conversations with advertisers," said Paul Camp, CEO of Content That Works. "Our clients said they wanted more local content, and Local Spotlight is just one of the solutions we are developing for them."

Local Spotlight is available for $99 at The Content Store: http://store.contentthatworks.com/collections/holidays-celebrations/products/2013-holiday-local-spotlight

For a limited time only, use the coupon code "HOLIDAY" at checkout for a 10 percent discount on any holiday purchase.

For more information, contact sales@contentthatworks.com or (866) 626-6836.

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