Evening Post Publishing Co. equips multiple plants with ProImage NewsWay


ProImage has announced the sale of two NewsWay Workflow Systems to the Evening Post Publishing Co. The two systems will manage the workflow of the Aiken (S.C.) Standard and of The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., respectively.

The Post and Courier has a daily circulation of 71,500 and 79,600 Sundays and the Charleston Plant prints more than 50 publications per month including three daily papers. The NewsWay system will handle the entire workflow starting with picking up customers' PDF files off the commercial FTP server, moving them into Intellitune for image processing, into Asura for preflighting, then Ripping and imposing to plates. All this will take place without manual intervention from operators.

Multitude of functionality
In this process, NewsWay controls and manages a multitude of functionality such as production tracking, page and plate approvals, furniture and text burning, deadline monitoring and priority scheduling. Since it is a server-based workflow, customers can login remotely, proof and approve their pages. Many routine functions such a photo toning/optimization, preflighting, ink optimization and sending proofs to NewsColor are automated and thus allow uniformity in the process and NewsWay provides the ability to change configurations on the fly if required.

"Those features and the reduced manual need to move files from one process to another will be very beneficial to us," said Dan Enfinger, pre-press manager for The Post and Courier.

Highly modular
The NewsWay solution is packaged as a core product with multiple add-on modules the client can choose from. This building block approach allows the Charleston plant various tools and services that handle its specific production and plant requirements. This includes Ink Control Module to calculate ink coverage, Barcode Module for plate sorting and tracking, OnColor ECO for ink optimization, plus Pitstop Pro client NewsWay integration and Harlequin RIPs. NewsWay will load balance all RIPs and Agfa CTP devices so images are routed efficiently and ensures all resources are fully utilized.

The Aiken Standard is equipped with NewsWay Blaze, which is built on the proven NewsWay architecture and is a single box complete browser-based workflow solution. Blaze includes Edition Planning and tracking, page pairing and real time production monitoring. A lighter version than NewsWay, NewsWay Blaze perfectly meets the demands of the slightly smaller production plant in Aiken, which prints 12,440 daily, 13,710 Sundays and 34 publications per month.

Genuine interest
The combination of feature sets and automation capabilities of NewsWay make it an ideal solution for centralizing a printing plant. In addition, 24/7 support that is responsive and affordable are crucial to a successful implementation and trouble-free operation.

This was one of the key decision points for Enfinger: "Their 24/7 support is responsive to the needs of a centralized printing plant. A software engineer answers the support call and is familiar with the systems. There is a genuine interest in seeing that the system is configured to get the best production for the customer." When asked about why they selected ProImage NewsWay over other workflow systems, Enfinger said: "The combination of feature sets, automation capability, and reputation for customer support puts ProImage in a league of their own."

NewsWay is integrating with SCS Layout 8000, AGFA's Intellitune for photo toning, OneVision Asura for preflighting, OnColor ECO for ink optimization, Sublima hybrid stochastic screening on all print jobs, AGFA CTP with Chem Free Violet Plates, automatic color accurate proofing via NewsColor, Goss EPAR ink presets, and NELA benders for barcoding and plate punch and bending.

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