and White Ops partner to combat bot fraud

Posted, a Cox Automotive brand, and White Ops, a market leader in automated threat prevention, have announced a partnership to combat advertising fraud that will enable a superior return on investment for automotive industry advertisers. is the first automotive-focused advertising provider to partner with White Ops.

The partnership will allow to send all programmatic advertising requests through White Ops' MediaGuard technology and, within milliseconds, be informed as to whether an impression is being served to a human. will block all programmatic advertising opportunities that originate from non-humans (i.e. bots), prior to the payment of the advertising impression.

"Advertising fraud is expected to cost advertisers $6.5 billion in 2017. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to continue to deliver value to advertisers and stay one step ahead of bots and fraudsters that get in the way of the connections we try to make between shoppers and dealers," said Scott Blodgett, product manager, advertising at "We are excited to extend this new technology to all of our valued partners at no additional cost."

White Ops' fraud protection provides's buy-side platform for display advertising with technical bot blocking abilities and further establishes it as a leader in the automotive digital marketing space. Advertisers can now have peace of mind that their advertising dollars are safely being spent on real, in-market shoppers.

"We are proud that has joined us in the fight against ad fraud. Their decision to prevent bots will make meaningful progress in ensuring that the automotive industry advertising ecosystem is less corrupted by bots and ad fraud," said Sandeep Swadia, chief executive officer of White Ops.

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