SNPA members are eligible for discounted, revenue-producing football pages


College football kickoff is just weeks ago, and SNPA members are eligible for special savings on top-quality, revenue-producing weekly conference preview pages that focus on the SEC, ACC and other conferences during the coming football season.

The pages are produced by GateHouse Media's Center for News and Design, a Strategic Partner for SNPA and its member newspapers.

Each Wednesday this season, GateHouse will provide a ready-to-use weekend preview page, highlighting the big game and story of the week, and including facts, info and essential data on each conference member.

Each page includes a 6x3 ad position along the bottom that is a quick sale for the advertising team.

SNPA members receive a 15 percent discount on pricing of the pages, as part of the Strategic Partner relationship between GateHouse Media and SNPA.

The page schedule begins Wednesday, Aug. 23, with delivery of a conference preview page.

First games of the season are Thursday, Sept. 2, and pages will be delivered each Wednesday during the season, leading up to conference championship games the first weekend in December.

The regular season runs through Saturday, Dec. 2, when there are conference championship games.

The series continues with bowl preview pages during December, and a pre-championship page before the Jan. 8 national championship game.

GateHouse covers Big 12, ACC, SEC, Big 10 and PAC 12 conferences with individual conference pages.

All pages come as PDFs, and GateHouse can also supply design and art files, and can be included in digital and e-editions.

The college football pages are part of the sports series offered by GateHouse Media.

Also available at discounted prices for SNPA members are ready-to-use agate pages, baseball pages and NFL preview and summary pages.

Message to get the details.

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