GateHouse Media launches national investigative reporting team


GateHouse Media has announced a powerful investment in journalism: a national investigative and data-driven reporting team of more than 30 award-winning editors and reporters. The team will be embedded in local newsrooms, adding to local coverage efforts.

The team will be headed by Managing Editor Emily Le Coz, an award-winning journalist and GateHouse Media's first national digital projects editor. The team will report on high-impact national projects, elevate local news and experiment with innovative ways to shape the future of the industry.

Already, the team boasts nationally acclaimed journalists including Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Michael Braga. A national recruiting effort is underway to expand the team.

"Extensive planning has gone into expanding our investigative reporting and data team," said Kirk Davis, GateHouse Media CEO. "We're so proud of our news organization and the work they do every day. With this strategic investment in journalism that matters, we're strengthening the ability of our newsrooms to focus on critical issues facing their communities and placing a renewed emphasis on entrepreneurial reporting."

As the media industry faces mounting financial pressures and competition, it is critical that media companies empower local newsrooms to provide trustworthy, valuable and thorough coverage of their communities.

"This investigative team ensures precious local resources are maximized and provides readers with enterprising reporting that has long been the hallmark of legacy media companies like GateHouse Media," said Bill Church, senior vice president of news. "This journalism rights injustice. It combats the threatening notion of fake news. It is the type of service journalism that is critical to our mission as one of the largest local media companies in the country."

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