How small newsrooms can go big when news comes to town


In June, the community of Pinehurst hosted its third U.S. Open and fourth U.S. Women's Open Championships. The community newspaper there knew that 400,000 spectators would come through Pinehurst, N.C. And with all those spectators, there would be a lot of journalists.

They also knew that, with a twice-weekly publication schedule, they'd miss a lot of news during the two weeks when golf would be dominating local life. But they already had a model in place to fix that.

In 1999, the twice-weekly paper set out to create something additional – the Open Daily. This year, with both the men and women on the same course, they created a 56- to 64-page magazine tab that ran for 18 days.

"We decided that we needed to produce a product that was every day, but we also needed to be true to our roots, which is to serve our community," said Pilot publisher and co-owner David Woronoff in a phone interview.

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