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Three of the sweetest words in the advertising business, right? In case you missed it, Borrell & Associates just released its annual survey of 7,500+ businesses that details among other things, what local merchants are saying brings them the most new customers.  Right after word of mouth ... they said that their website and social media ranked second and third as their top sources of new customers.

Think about it. Merchants are telling us loud and clear how we can help them. While some of them "have a guy or a gal for that," many of them are struggling to maintain a strong digital presence, lacking the time and/or skills to do it right. They are looking for someone they can trust to help them ... ideally someone they've known for years with a strong reputation in their local market. (Remind you of anyone?)

So imagine being the provider of these services. Two of the top solutions that bring them new business. Services they'd pay you to provide month after month to help them maintain a steady stream of new customers. Beyond your existing customer base, think about all the other potential clients in your market, B2C and B2B folks who may have never bought your core offering, but are candidates for digital. Incremental. Recurring. Revenue. Sweet, right?

Another couple of stats from the Borrell report: 58 percent of local merchants are planning a website upgrade in the coming months, spending on average $3,000 to do it. On the social side, the number of local businesses advertising on Facebook has doubled in one year and 93 percent of those who have tried it are somewhat to very satisfied with the results. 93 percent! If you aren't going after your share of this business, what's holding you back?

I'm betting somewhere in your building ... maybe even hanging in the lobby or in the Ad Department, is a mission statement. Among the other wise words found there ... I'm also betting there is a sentence that goes something like this:

We are in the business of helping our Local Merchants connect with New Customers so they can grow their Business.

So, while your mission hasn't changed, the marketing solutions that drive best results for your merchants clearly has. If you haven't added these fundamental digital services to your portfolio of solutions, isn't it time you get started? For those that don't want to add all the headcount to launch their agency, or the corporate team doesn't offer it, Guarantee Digital can help.

Our turn key, white label digital agency partner program can get you up and running in four weeks.  Our full service agency provides 100 percent fulfillment, white glove customer service, serious sales training and support, plus we'll help you source NEW LEADS in your market, beyond your current customer base.   

It's all designed to help you drive that sweet Incremental. Recurring. Revenue. The Gift that keeps on Giving! Learn more at 

Daryl Hively is founder and CEO of Guarantee Digital.  Reach him at:

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