Content That Work introduces 365: A content marketing newsletter


Content matters 365 days out of the year. That includes holidays, weekends, on early mornings when your clients are waking up and late nights when your office is closed.

Any time of day or year, content tells your brand's story to loyal customers and new audiences. Content That Work's new newsletter, 365, springs from the belief that high-quality content is the best marketing tool for contemporary companies. The name of this new resource is also rooted in tradition; recalling the name of its online platforms and certain magazine, which have ended in "365."

In this monthly newsletter, Content That Works will share lessons learned, upcoming content packages and fresh content marketing news to inspire you and your team. Subscribe for the latest content trends, marketing insights and sales resources.

Whether you're an advertising manager, a sales representative or a small business owner, 365 will bring you content tips you can use to build audience and generate revenue.

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