Digital transformation: Keeping up with the consumer shopping revolution

From the Solutions Stage at the Mega-Conference


Time certainly does things. Remember when making a purchase meant seeing commercials for a product, scouring print ads and then visiting the store to buy a product? That was all before technology took over. The reality is that the digital transformation has had a huge impact on how we live, play, do business and shop for products and services.

Today, the average consumer references 10 sources before making a purchase (Google, 2017), and 67 percent of a consumer's purchase journey is done digitally. This likely includes doing a Google search for a product, looking at online reviews, seeing ads pop up on social media and internet pages and comparing prices for both online and brick and mortar retailers.

There are no shortage of marketing partners providing the wide range of digital marketing solutions that businesses need to connect with consumers in every stage of their purchasing journey ─ search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, traditional and social media advertising, customer review sites, online directories and more. And we know that these marketing providers are eager to earn business, as the average small- to medium-size business (SMB) receives 24 calls a month from marketers trying to sell advertising or advertising solutions (Local Search Association, 2017).

But at Vivial, we think there is a better way than managing multiple marketing channels with multiple platforms and partners. Our goal is to offer a complete set of marketing solutions designed to connect local businesses with customers, in the places customers search most – like Google and Facebook. We know business owners don't have time to do "one more thing," so we pride ourselves on offering turn-key solutions that are seamlessly integrated.

Just like business owners look for partners to help them achieve goals, Vivial looks for partners in which we can couple our innovative marketing solutions with existing business service solutions, such as cloud, carrier and security solutions. As a result, local businesses only need to work with one provider to gain access to the tools they need for success.

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