RJI Futures Lab update #82

Mining online data with Vocativ, Banjo and Zapaday


PART 1: Vocativ

The news organization Vocativ uses sophisticated online surveillance tools that dive into the "deep Web" to find and surface newsworthy items. Chief Executive Officer Scott Cohen tells us how the combination of intelligence technology, data analysts and reporters leads to stories other organizations might not discover. 

PART 2: Banjo

In addition to a consumer-facing mobile app, Banjo offers an enterprise tool that helps newsrooms identify breaking news by monitoring social media content as it emerges from specific locations. We find out how it works and how it might contribute to live news coverage 

PART 3: Zapaday

Zapaday helps newsrooms plan for future coverage by combing a range of digital sources to compile directories of upcoming events. We learn how the information is gathered and delivered from founder and Chief Executive Officer Stefan Hoevenaar.

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