RJI Futures Lab update #31

Mobile revenue, social video news and learning from the Texas Tribune


In this week's Future Lab update, the Reynolds Journalism Institute presents examples of revenue opportunities unique to mobile devices.  Also, learn how NowThis News is creating social mobile video content for smartphone users, and find out how other newsrooms might learn from the Texas Tribune.

PART 1: Mobile revenue opportunities

Tablets and smartphones are emerging as the news platform of choice for many users, but it's not so clear how to generate significant revenue from mobile apps and iPad editions. Here are some examples of how advertising is being adapted to the unique characteristics of mobile delivery.

PART 2: Social mobile video news

NowThis News is using social video networks like Vine and Instagram to deliver news inside mobile platforms that 18- to 34-year-olds already call home. Hear from managing editor Katharine Zaleski about the paper's approach to delivering video content and what the staff does differently from other news organizations.

PART 3: Learning from the Texas Tribune

Two outside observers are spending a year embedded inside the newsroom of the nonprofit Texas Tribune in an effort to find a more sustainable blueprint for digital news. Hear from Jake Batsell and Tim Griggs about how their research, funded by the Knight Foundation, could benefit both nonprofit and for-profit newsrooms.

Watch the RJI Futures Lab video update here.

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