More Content Now updates website, offers new subscription options


More Content Now has announced a redesign of its website,, and more purchasing options than ever before.

Because GateHouse Media is a Strategic Partner of SNPA, all SNPA members receive an additional 15 percent discount on this offer.

The new look follows the template of websites owned by parent company GateHouse Media, which were created with the help of renowned media designer Mario Garcia. The look is designed to be much more visual and navigable than the previous design.

The site also has been transferred to a more stable platform that will allow quicker upgrades and fixes.

Some highlights:

  • The most-downloaded features – pages and special sections – appear at the top of the page in a more visual format.
  • Individual articles from special sections are now downloadable, and can be found alongside a publication's Quark, InDesign, PDF and art files.
  • The site's other sections – articles, features, columns and cartoons – remain, and the latest content in each is visible with just a scroll down the homepage, because of the site's new continuous-scroll design.

MCN is also using Tinypass as its login provider, and through this platform MCN is able to offer several subscription levels:

  • Full access: Download unlimited pages, sections, articles, columns and editorial cartoons for a flat monthly fee. Contact John Reetz for pricing information:
  • Section access: Get access to just pages, articles, columns or editorial cartoons with section-targeted subscriptions for $29.99 per month.
  • Subsection access: Looking for just Home & Garden pages? Or movie reviews? Get access to any MCN subsection of products for $19.99 a month.

Each subscription comes with a free one-month trial period, and users can browse the site's homepage and section fronts anytime without needing to log in.

Instructions on signing up for free trial subscriptions, MCN's offerings and info on other facets of the new site are in this FAQ.

For more information, contact Director of Business Development John Reetz,, or MCN Director Lisa Glowinski,, (512) 614-1508.

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