NEWSCYCLE Solutions continues digital expansion with Marketing G2 acquisition

Marketing G2 adds tools for audience engagement, data management and subscriber revenue growth to Newscycle’s evolving digital solutions portfolio


NEWSCYCLE Solutions has acquired Marketing G2, a Pennsylvania-based software company that develops digital tools for online subscriptions, customer engagement, data discovery and audience lifecycle management.

With 1.1 million new digital subscriptions managed annually, MG2 focuses on building a suite of subscription products and services that work with a data management platform to gather data and generate actionable insights. The MG2 product suite includes applications to manage audience engagement and customer relationship management, as well as data discovery and visualization. The company also provides an array of marketing, analytical, training and site hosting services, which are used today by more than 30 percent of the top online news media groups in the world.

"Since its inception, MG2 has been about technology that improves customer engagement and user experience," said company President and founder Patrick Glennon. "Our growth is a testament to a great team dedicated to providing digital technology that leverages customer data to transform the business of producing and selling content."

As news media companies continue to rely on subscription revenues as the key to future digital growth, publishing executives are investing in technologies that deepen audience engagement, provide better analytics, and create new monetization opportunities via personalized and targeted subscription models.

"Our industry is hungry for more efficient and diverse solutions that deliver new subscriber revenues and increased engagement," said Glennon. "Achieving these objectives can be difficult for media organizations as they navigate changing times. The integration of MG2 and Newscycle Solutions will provide an even more dynamic platform, so our customers can see significant impact at the right scale. I'm thrilled to be leading the combined MG2 and Newscycle subscription teams to continue finding the right solutions for our clients. I see a very exciting phase of growth and innovation for all as a result."

"The MG2 product suite complements the Newscycle subscription and content management platforms with a set of digital applications that enable better tracking of audience behaviors, tighter management of related data, and the ability to generate data-driven marketing campaign decisions," said Newscycle CEO Scott Roessler. "With this acquisition, our combined company is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with frictionless self-service subscription tools, as well as a single point of access to all customer and content assets."

The transaction closed on Dec. 3. Financial terms have not been disclosed.

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