Presteligence enhances My News 360 apps


Presteligence has added two new features to the My News 360 apps. They include updates to the way the app's menu structure can be changed and the addition of weather.

Configuration changes in the app allows admins to very easily add, modify or delete news categories and subcategories, change the order in which they are displayed, and change the associated image. Changes like these are immediately reflected the next time a user opens the app. This lessens the burden of resubmitting apps each time a publisher sells advertising. The positions are made available and will display when filled.

The app also shows current weather, hourly temperatures and a four-day forecast. This functionality can replace costly third-party services that publishers may be using. The app will send out push notification for national weather alerts for the subscribed ZIP code. Users can modify the location of the weather if they choose.

The publisher-branded, native My News 360 apps are available for both Apple iTunes and Google Play Stores for phone and tablet. They support news, photo galleries, videos, breaking news alerts, pay metering, paywall integration and beacons. Publishers can choose any combination of the available apps, which include news, e-edition or a combination of both.



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