Findlay Courier to use My News 360 for editorial production


Presteligence has announced that Findlay Publishing Company (Ohio) will implement My News 360 Platform for its editorial system, website, e-edition and mobile apps.

Findlay Courier, Review Times and three radio stations will share a database allowing content to be written one time and easily distributed among the sister sites. As a fully-hosted service, staff can write and post content from their desktop or mobile device, including news stories, photos, videos and audio files. Each reporter can have their own queue to save working drafts and ideas.

"Knowing the support of our legacy editorial system was coming to an end, it was imperative to look at the choices available," said Karl Heminger, president of Findlay Publishing Company. "The My News 360 platform encompasses all of our print-first needs while providing us the tools for our digital future."

The My News 360 Platform elevates Findlay's current editorial workflow with efficiencies in publishing content from print to digital. Much of the staff's time involves copying and pasting content from editorial into the web CMS. My News 360 manages content so one story can have multiple revisions, depending on the publishing channel. With a print-first mentality, staff can continue to write for print, but at the same time schedule stories and social media posts for when the content is published. Page production for both newspapers will utilize the My News 360 extension to place elements on pages, including formatted sports agate.

Findlay Courier and Review Times are part of the Findlay Publishing Company, which also owns and operates several radio stations. The long list of Presteligence services includes editorial/CMS, website hosting, archive of stories, photos and videos, video platform, newsletters, polls, page design layout, e-edition, consolidated news and e-edition mobile apps, and paywall.

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