Brehm Communications signs with Presteligence for My News 360 platform


Six publications owned by Brehm Communications have deployed Presteligence's My News 360 platform for their editorial front-end system, website, e-edition and mobile apps.

Auburn Journal, along with five other weeklies are consolidated into one website, one mobile app and six separate e-editions under the Gold Country Media umbrella. The shared database among the websites gives ultimate control at the group level while still being able to compartmentalize content within individual locations. Readers can continue to access the publications' URLs and be directed to a dedicated, branded page for that publisher's content.

The cloud-based CMS allows authorized users to access the system from any device with a web browser. Truly a write once, multi-publish platform, editors can post content to the web, flag for print, share to social media and use in newsletters.

Ryan Schuyler, CEO of Brehm Communications, selected the My News 360 platform because of the partner relationship he foresees with Presteligence, the all-inclusive solution across his publications of various sizes and the realization of a centralized yet compartmentalized editorial workflow.

Gold Country Media uses the page tracking component of My News 360 to see a bird's eye view of page production. Once stories have been through their copyedit process, stories become available for the designers to place on pages using the My News 360 extension in Adobe InDesign. Through this web-based palette, stories and associated elements are formatted through a folder structure where designers drag and drop elements to a page. It allows multiple designers to work on the same publication at the same time.

The system also automatically places ads onto the pages based on the ad layout export from ALS's Ad Force system. Once pages are ready for approval, editors can receive an email notification to proof the page. Editors and creative services can use a five-star scale to rate the final page design. These tools keep editors involved in the design process while ensuring the rating and time spent on a page makes sense.

Bob Behringer, president & CEO of Presteligence, said: "Utilizing the full scope of the My News 360 platform will greatly benefit Brehm's publications. We are proving editorial workflows have a place in the digital space and don't require the lead times, resources and complicated implementations as they have in the past. We want newspapers to look at us as a technology partner. By engaging in open dialog with Ryan and his team, we are able to design and develop tools that fix their pain points and make their big picture strategies a reality."

Implementation for other Brehm sites is underway.

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