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Content That Works has announced the launch of the Wonder & Joy Project, co-sponsored by SNPA, designed to recapture the wonder and joy of the holiday season. The project will collect tips, holiday marketing ideas, sales strategies, editorial ideas and business best practices to share freely with the industry.

Paul Camp has offered all SNPA members a 20 percent discount from Content That Works on all of its holiday products for 2014.
"Christmas was once a joyous time for local media companies," said Paul Camp, CEO of Content That Works. "I remember my first season publishing a weekly newspaper. Oh, the work was hard. The hours were incredibly long. Sometimes we were so tired we could barely talk, much less think. But it was also a ton of fun."

Industry surveys show that most local media companies generate more than 20 percent of their total annual ad revenue in the few weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Some publishers report that the holiday revenues can represent as much as 40 to 45 percent of total revenue.

Unfortunately with ad revenue at local newspapers down as much as 60 percent since the start of the century, the holiday season has lost much of its luster. Ad dollars are harder to come by. Retailers say they don't get the results from newspapers they used to. Things that once brought in holiday dollars by the bagful don't seem to work the same way anymore.

"We want to reverse the declines and will post at least one solid holiday sales and marketing tip from industry leaders every week from now until Christmas on our Facebook page," Camp said. "We encourage everyone to join in this effort by sharing their ideas, success stories, marketing plans and sales promotions. Together we can make Christmas fun again and restore profitability."

Anyone with ideas about how to improve holiday performance this year should go to and post their suggestions or comment on the tips they find on the Wonder & Joy Project event page there.

Acutely aware that Christmas is about a lot more than just making money, in addition to the Wonder & Joy Project, the CTW team plans to get out into the community in the months ahead to personally help feed the homeless and do its part to help those in need. Plus, for each holiday sale booked between now and Thanksgiving, CTW will donate 50 meals to help feed the hungry.

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