Special section helps breast cancer fighters become survivors


Content That Works, a leading syndicated content provider, has announced it will donate $50 for each purchase of the Surviving Breast Cancer 2013 package to the American Cancer Society.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Content That Works is offering local media outlets content that will make a positive impact on readers and health-related advertisers with a special section titled "Surviving Breast Cancer 2013."

This fully-designed magazine includes two cover options, 11 stories and 36 images, covering the latest in breast cancer medical advances, nutrition and wellness information, and uplifting survival stories.

"Breast cancer is an issue that affects everyone, and it's vital that local media outlets provide comprehensive, well-reported information to help the fighters become survivors in their local communities," says Matthew M. F. Miller, print editorial director at Content That Works. "Surviving Breast Cancer 2013 offers guidance for everyone, from spouses to current patients to survivors, to help them fight this disease through better living."

Each story features interviews with expert, credible sources and stories are packaged with colorful, design-oriented images to create a visually appealing page.

The magazine is designed with 26 ad slots (a mix of one-quarter, one-half and full-page ads) adjacent to the copy, providing real sales opportunities to sell ads against quality journalism.

Other magazines in CTW's health awareness category include Heart Health and Brain Waves (Alzheimer's/Brain Health), both brand new for 2013.

CTW's Surviving Breast Cancer 2013:

  1. Nine best breast cancer prevention foods.
  2. Dealing with memory loss.
  3. Ask the Expert: Being a supportive friend to someone with breast cancer.
  4. Pros and cons of preventative mastectomies.
  5. Preventative mastectomies, a true story.
  6. Six ways to reduce your risk.
  7. Coping with side effects of common treatment drugs.
  8. Confronting seven fears about reconstruction.
  9. Plan it, Change it, Survive it – living a healthier life.
  10. How to tell advice givers to back off.
  11. Ask the Expert: Giving back as a breast cancer survivor.

Click here for information or contact sales@contentthatworks.com or call (866) 626-6836.

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