Start the New Year with a Health & Fitness Quiz Bundle


As the new year rolls around, it's time to think about your department's engagement and revenue resolutions. This year, why not try to incorporate more quizzes into your strategy.

You already know that quizzes are engaging, social and customizable. Running a quiz bundle – a set of three to five themed quizzes – is a great way to stretch those advertising dollars to last for the whole month long.

Quiz bundles offer a ton of advantages for your paper. They can streamline your sales process, provide a longer shelf-life and increased frequency, target a much wider audience, and ultimately increase your revenue opportunity.

When it comes to the new year, there are a lot of great quiz ideas that you can run:

These quiz bundles have many potential sponsors like gyms, healthcare facilities, fitness centers or even tire shops, outdoor service centers and hardware stores. Add an email opt-in and a couple survey questions to drive results for the advertiser. 

Consider customizing your quizzes to fit your advertiser. If you're working with your local YMCA, a quiz such as "Which YMCA Class Should You Take?" could highlight specific classes that the facility offers and – with an email opt-in – you can hand over a list of hot leads for the advertiser to use for future marketing campaigns.

If you really want to boost engagement with your quiz bundle, incorporate a sweepstakes. Work with your advertiser to pick a valuable prize that will draw in qualified leads. For the YMCA quiz above, three lucky winners received free memberships to the health club.

As you start the new year, make sure that you're prioritizing quiz bundles in your strategy. If you're looking for more inspiration, download your copy of our playbook, How to Capitalize on the Buzz Around Quizzes.

Matt Coen is the president and co-founder of Second Street, a leading provider of private-label online promotions platforms and partner success services for media companies based in St. Louis, Mo. He can be reached at (314) 880-4902 or

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