Stephens Media rolls out new platform for e-newsletters


Stephens Media is now using Xtenit's publishing platform to provide email newsletter and news alert services for its publications.

Xtenit provides an unique services platform for publishers that combines web content management, email publishing and ad serving.

Stephens Media wanted a single platform for managing email newsletters and alerts across all digital properties.  The company needed centralized control and provisioning, but also wanted the editors and administrators for each publication to be able to manage and customize their own newsletters and alerts.  Providing value to the subscribers of each publication and giving them control of the content they received was also an important consideration.

"The Xtenit Platform made it easy to add and customize newsletters and alerts for each of our publications," said Tonya Carpenter, director of digital content at Stephens Media, who further added, "We also like that each publication can let subscribers choose the content for their newsletters and alerts."

"We are pleased to be providing the Stephens Media publications with a solution to help them better serve their subscribers," said Brian McFadden, CEO of Xtenit. "Subscribers interact more when they can customize the content they receive."

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