Tech startup is reviving revenue for newspapers ... at low or no cost


Curious Marketplaces, a technology startup in McKinney, Texas, has launched an interactive solution that can help the newspaper industry recapture lost revenue. For the longest time, classified revenue was a staple for newspapers. Today, that revenue has declined to almost nothing and taking with it many customers who now choose an online solution. The newspaper industry is continually seeking new ways to engage online customers and find new revenue.

That's where Curious Marketplaces comes in.

Curious Marketplaces gives local newspapers the opportunity to provide residents with a cutting-edge marketplace where they can post listings and securely transact payment for buying and selling new and used items locally. 

"Using the latest advancement by Paypal and integrating that into our own single technology platform, we can offer newspapers their own branded community marketplace," said Jason Adams, CEO and founder of Curious Marketplaces. "This allows newspapers to generate revenue from the commerce in their community, drive additional print classified revenue through our single click to 'upgrade to print' feature, and re-engage those residents who have moved to online."

Curious Marketplaces now makes it possible for newspapers to drive additional revenue without having to sell advertising or provide additional resources.  The newspaper generates revenue by taking a small percentage from items being sold using the marketplace.  Additionally, the marketplace generates revenue for the newspaper as residents look to "Feature an ad" or if local retailers decide to sell on the marketplace through a premier seller profile.

"Our white label solution not only generates new revenue but it helps complete the loop of print and online ads," says Komail Mithani, COO of Curious Marketplaces. "Each print ad can be accompanied by a Hashtag (example: #1134) that allows the resident looking at the print ad to be able to take that hashtag, find it online and purchase from the marketplace."

Curious Marketplaces has partnered with many newspapers in Oklahoma, California, Texas, Montana and Minnesota and is expanding its efforts to bring on more newspapers every day. Its turnkey solution is simple to launch and requires no development work on the part of the newspaper. Curious Marketplaces handles all infrastructure, software updates and management, buyer/seller support, SEO and much more.

The best part may be the costs.  Curious Marketplaces offers an option for no-cost partnerships where it covers all costs and splits revenue with the newspaper or it will sell its services for a small monthly fee and the newspaper keeps all the revenue.

To learn more, visit Or, call to set up a live demo: (855) 422-7735.


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