RJI Futures Lab update #43

Text-to-video, multimedia stacks and cloud-based magazine publishing


In this week's Futures Lab update, the Reynolds Journalism Institute explores tools that make it easier to turn text into video, create multimedia explanations and produce digital magazines.

PART 1: Turning text into video with Guide
Miami-based tech startup Guide originally offered a system of digital news avatars that could read text on the Web. But now Guide's system has been refocused to automatically turn a text story into a video. The company's founder, Freddie Laker, explains how the revamped tool could be used to expand the work of journalists online.

PART 2: Creating multimedia stacks with Newsbound
Newsbound plans to release a tool soon to make it easier for designers to create embeddable explanation "stacks" that incorporate moving images and animation. Visit the Newsbound offices and learn about the stack-story format from Founder and Chief Executive Officer Josh Kalven.

PART 3: Publishing tablet magazines with PRSS
A recently launched tool called PRSS offers the ability to design digital tablet magazines entirely through a cloud-based Web interface. Hear about the system from Co-founder Jochem Wijnands.

Watch the RJI Futures Lab video update here.

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