RJI Futures Lab update #30

The future of wire services and a truth layer for the Internet


In this week's Futures Lab update, the Reynolds Journalism Institute looks at how the value proposition of wire services may be changing, and at a tool that automatically could highlight questionable information online.

PART 1: The changing value of wire services

Wire services have traditionally enabled news outlets to offer a broad range of topics by supplying them with national and global content. But with news from everywhere readily available online, RJI explores how the value proposition may be changing and how news services are adapting.

PART 2: Truth Goggles

An online tool called Truth Goggles is aiming to help make the Web more credible by automatically checking news items or other statements of fact. Hear from Reynolds Fellow Dan Schultz, the creator of the tool, about how it works and how he hopes it can improve the accuracy of news stories.

Watch the RJI Futures Lab video update here.


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