Steps to Getting Access to
Google Training Materials &
Digital Sales Exam Certification


1 - Go to
2 - Click on JOIN GOOGLE PARTNERS (upper left-hand side of page)
3 - Click on JOIN NOW


4 - Either sign into your Google Account or create one if you do not already have one.

5 - Select whether you want to receive emails (these are actually pretty useful!) and SIGN UP FOR GOOGLE PARTNERS.



6 - Once in your personal Google Partner profile, search for "Adcellerant" and click on "Adcellerant" once you type it in. 



7 - Click on the "Affiliate" button.



8 - Check the email inbox of the email associated with your Google partner profile, check for the Google Partner confirmation email, and click the "Confirm email address" button.


9 - You'll be taken to a confirmation page.


10 - You can now find access to trainings and the Digital Sales Exam (in order to become certified) from the Google Partners website.




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