Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination was a teachable moment for page designers 8/9/16

Newsrooms across the country faced criticism when headlines announcing Hillary Clinton's historic presidential nomination were run side-by-side with photos of not the nominee, but of her husband and of former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Many media outlets responded with defenses about the constraints they faced with deadlines, the timing of Clinton's appearance and the lack of available wire photos featuring Clinton from that day's events.

Here are some tips for turning these dilemmas into teachable moments.


What do you do when the protests stop and racism remains? 7/25/16

By Tom Warhover, associate professor, Missouri School of Journalism

Hunger and race are two topics communities face every day. Few news organizations can sustain coverage of either over time.

How do we find and cover these stories, then? Reporting Stories Hidden in Plain Sight, a new web-based resource for journalists, is a first response.

The site contains a lot of literacy – definitions of terms, timelines and links to key data sets. There are also examples of good coverage of race and hunger and academic reports on the issues.


Think Pink! 7/19/16

Content That Works will introduce a new surviving breast cancer content and micro-site July 20.


Design ... by design 7/12/16

By Ed Henninger

The way I see it, the word "design" is synonymous with the word "plan." If you have no plan, you have no design.

And the word "plan" implies that you've given the look of your front page some forethought.

That's not quite true at some newspapers, is it?


3 mobile journalism apps you’ll want to add to your reporting arsenal 6/14/16

In the spirit of experimentation and team building fun, a few members of the GateHouse Newsroom team enrolled in Poynter NewsU's 2016 Tools for Mobile Journalism webinar. The NewsU team shared a good number of apps, ranging from the incredibly useful, to the less pragmatic and more experiential.

Some of the apps were no surprise – we're talking Instagram, Periscope and Facebook Live – but there were a few that were brand new to us. You'll have to sign up for the webinar replay for a full list, but here are a few that we would recommend to our own newsrooms based on their ease of use and practicality:

Read more from GateHouse Newsroom


The shadow knows 6/13/16

By Ed Henninger

During the past few years – and only for certain clients – I've been suggesting they get away from the traditional half-point frame for photos. The option I recommend is a photo frame with a soft drop shadow. Here's why I recommend this ...


Go mobile, and 4 other digital lessons from Editor of the Year Paul Pronovost 6/7/16

There is no formula for digital success in journalism. Even the most well-prepared and researched digital champions have to accept that when it comes to digital, each individual media outlet's experience is unique. Success in the digital era comes from a willingness to try new things – and more importantly, the wisdom to learn lessons from both successes and failures.

This wisdom is something the Best of GateHouse judges looked for in the 2015 Editor of the Year, so it's no surprise that Editor of the Year Paul Pronovost of the Cape Cod Times has some great insights into his Top 5 digital lessons learned in 2015.


Covering meetings with mobile 6/7/16

By Judd Slivka, assistant professor of convergence journalism, University of Missouri School of Journalism

Meetings are the bread and butter of print journalism. The paper-of-record mindset tends to assign reporters to every city council hearing, every committee meeting. It's a bit different from TV, where reporters will drop in on meetings to highlight an important issue.

But regardless of when we cover it, meetings can be an important ingredient in our recipe to dominate the social feed and assert our outlet as the must-consult on whatever issue is important. Meetings are in a fixed location, often with wireless. And the flow of information will be endless in the form of data from documents or quotes from the local councilperson. It's a good fit for mobile journalism. But it takes a little preparation.

In my mind, there are a few different ways to cover this:


Financial advice for those who don’t have any 4/27/15

By Jane Nicholes

AdviceIQ makes including personal finance content easy for publishers. And, for publishers, the price is right: free.


Turning the traffic around 4/7/15

By Jane Nicholes

Friends2Follow’s widget helps newspapers take back their market share from social media.

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