Holding court with your news sources 6/29/14

By Jim Pumarlo
Newsrooms ought to lay out a plan for regularly connecting with news sources. The mindset should not be to convince others that your pursuit of news is the right way or the only way. Rather, you should strive for a common understanding of why it's important to share all the news – the routine and the sensitive. MORE

Fave faces 6/9/14

By Ed Henninger
Your front page is the face you give your newspaper with every issue. Here are some dos and don'ts for effective fronts. MORE

Use your mad skills to hack journalism 5/19/14

Join RJI's hackathon and help develop tools to improve news coverage and create a better-informed citizenry. MORE

Front page priorities 5/12/14

By Ed Henninger
Your front page is the face you give your newspaper with every issue. Here are some dos and don'ts for effective fronts. MORE

AP to expand investigative reporting efforts 5/12/14

The Associated Press is deepening its commitment to investigative journalism by expanding its Washington-based investigative team, enlarging another group focused on national stories and launching a unit of international reporters to pursue in-depth projects across borders. MORE

Political advertising: Don't forget the 'ask' 5/5/14

By Jim Pumarlo
Another election season is under way, and newsrooms are gearing up for campaigns that last weeks and even months. Here is a checklist as your newspaper prepares to pitch political advertising. MORE

Set ground rules now for barrage of election letters 4/7/14

By Jim Pumarlo
Election season poses a host of questions for editors as they sift through the natural upsurge in letters. Here's a list of dos and don'ts that your newspaper should consider when offering "advice to readers" for editorial page submissions. MORE

Are you giving ... or giving in? 3/11/14

By Ed Henninger
It's our job to write and design an ad that will generate traffic for the advertiser. To do that, we sometimes have to convince the customer that what he thinks he wants isn't what he really wants. MORE

Tampa Bay Times investigation reveals high cost of 'trauma' 3/10/14

In a two-part series, the Tampa Bay Times examines trauma care with case studies of patients and their experiences. The "Insult to Injury" series, which also looks at which hospitals charge the highest rates, shows that Florida hospitals are charging patients staggering sums. MORE

Alabama Media Group, Center for Investigative Reporting team for journalism initiative 3/4/14

The Center for Investigative Reporting will play a leadership role in a new investigative journalism initiative launched by the Alabama Media Group. The lab, an initiative of Alabama Media Group, will encourage innovation in digital journalism through storytelling that will maximize audience engagement around significant and complex stories. MORE
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