The Washington Post offering content to partner pubs 3/28/14

Reprinted from News & Tech
The Washington Post is piloting a new program that allows partner publications to offer its suite of digital products for free as an added value to their subscribers. MORE

Engine 212° helps businesses follow their customers' tracks 3/3/14

A new product of Morris Publishing Group, Engine 212°, combines all of the services that businesses need in order to "follow their customers' tracks" – demographic targeting, category targeting, contextual targeting, key word retargeting, search retargeting and website retargeting. Engine 212° accomplishes all of these needs in one campaign. MORE

AdMall PRO launches new digital audit at Borrell conference 3/3/14

AdMall PRO's Digital Audit is designed to help media account executives sell digital advertising and marketing services more consultatively. It uses real-time data to analyze a prospective advertiser's online activity and findability in areas of digital advertising, local search, SEO, social media and incoming website traffic. MORE

Presteligence adds baseball, softball and lacrosse to Game Tracker 2/11/14

Presteligence announces the release of the baseball and lacrosse versions of My Team Scoop's Game Tracker. Game Tracker allows media companies to relay a play-by-play account of games in real time. MORE

Presteligence releases keyword alerts for My Team Scoop 2/5/14

Fans can get emails when their favorite players are tagged in stories and photos. MORE

Creating innovative mobile products for emerging markets 3/3/14

By Jennifer Nelson, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute's Mobile First symposium on March 31-April 1 has reached full capacity and registrations are no longer being accepted. But the event will be streamed live during both days. Sign up to watch the live stream. MORE

High school football ballot drives $4K for The Signal 1/1/14

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street
The paper plans to turn its Prep Football ballot into an annual event. MORE

Newspapers need to develop unique mobile products for two distinct audiences 12/19/13

Mobile products intended primarily for print subscribers will need to appeal to a relatively affluent audience consisting primarily of seniors who are retired or near retirement, according to the latest report from the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute-Digital Publishing Alliance Mobile Media Research Project. Mobile products aimed at non-subscribers will need to focus more on the interests and proclivities of a much younger audience. MORE

Media companies honored for excellence in online promotions 12/19/13

At the 5th annual Second Street Online Promotions Awards, media companies from across North America were honored in 27 categories for their outstanding contests, ballots and deals programs. Second Street announced the finalists and winners during a webinar held on Dec. 12. MORE

Scripps acquires video news provider to help it enter digital video business 12/11/13

The E.W. Scripps Company has acquired Columbia, Mo.-based digital video news provider Newsy, a five-year-old startup that has built its early success on a multi-source, multi-platform approach to storytelling. MORE
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