Gold nuggets 1/12/16

By Jane Nicholes

A trained sales staff knows where to look for co-op advertising, as the digital market grows.


Two advertiser success stories 12/8/15

Dan "Patio" Dalton of Content That Works shared a great success story with SNPA from a weekly newspaper in Oregon. The story centers around a Star Wars special section that the newspaper was selling advertising in.

Dalton said JJ Tompkins, marketing director for News Media Corp., told him that the local theater in the town is struggling, and local merchants wanted to support the theater. Tompkins said: "Our sales teams went to the local businesses and said 'we have this awesome special section highlighting the new Star Wars movie and any ad you buy in the section will support the local theater.' The local theater gets a big ad and all the sponsors get an ad in the special section, too. The advertisers loved the idea!"

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A Star Wars sales opportunity for newspapers 11/23/15

By Dan "Patio" Dalton, Content That Works

The new Star Wars movie is coming next month.  It will be box-office BOFFO!  

We have a Star Wars magazine, that I bet your ad staff could sell out in hours!

Yeah, sure, movie …