Developing leaders from within 5/26/14

By Jules Ciotta
The need to develop leaders from within is becoming increasingly important. Here are some steps to encourage energetic, loyal and hardworking front-line leadership. MORE

Assertive guidelines you can live up to 4/7/14

By Jules Ciotta
These six tips will help you take responsibility for your own actions and influence the way people see you. MORE

Recruitment outlook: The dawn of a new era 3/26/14

By 2018, Borrell Associates foresees a future where employers will spend 67 percent of their recruitment marketing budgets on digital services, 23 percent on classical digital advertising, and the remaining 10 percent on traditional media advertising. The details are in its latest report, "2014 Recruitment Advertising Outlook: The Long, Gray Line." MORE

Senate Finance Committee urged to reconsider tax on advertising 1/16/14

A proposed tax on advertising would have a devasting impact on our nation's economy and on millions of American businesses, SNPA and newspaper press associations across the country charged in a joint letter to Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. The letter urges the senator to reconsider the proposal included in the Discussion Draft on Cost Recovery and Accounting Language that would change the current tax treatment of advertising expenses. MORE

The future of legacy media 1/8/14

Borrell Associates' latest report, "The Future of Legacy Media: With 5 years of Digital Disruption Ahead, What Happens Next?," takes a look at what the future holds for local media. This 42-page industry paper represents a deep dive into how legacy media's audience and revenues are trending. MORE

Resolve to stay connected with SNPA 1/2/14

SNPA President Tom Silvestri is encouraging all members to spend 10 minutes a day with SNPA. Here are some suggestions for 2014. MORE

Six guidelines for delivering praise effectively 12/19/13

By Jules Ciotta
Praising employees is a delicate business. Some experts advise you to praise every employee every day, while others argue that daily praise will undermine your management efforts. Here are some issues to keep in mind when you praise. MORE

On becoming more successful in meeting our goals 12/12/13

By Jules Ciotta
There is a cost to success. Most times we don't think about the price that must be paid. Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of actually allowing yourself to succeed? MORE

10 news design basics 12/11/13

By Ed Henninger
Follow these 10 tips and yours will be a better-designed newspaper. MORE

Transcendental typography 11/21/13

By Ed Henninger
There are times when BIG-HUGE-GINORMOUS type is just the look you need for that special feature page. When those times occur, ask yourself these questions. MORE
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