Free product expands digital business and financial content 9/2/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   A new kind of partnership for publishers: Wall Street, simplified. PassFail offers free content and shared revenues. MORE

The Dallas Morning News creates citizen journalism program 6/29/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Insider blogs by citizen journalists are generating attention for The Dallas Morning News. More than 20 percent of posts have at least 100 social media shares, and one post exemplified the potential of the online communities, receiving more than 1,100 shares, nearly 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments from users as far away as Egypt. MORE

AGN TV in Amarillo offers on-demand video news and information 5/20/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   AGN TV launched March 31 in Amarillo, Texas, and is providing several "channels" that feature local news, sports, entertainment and various forms of programming for local viewers. Videos for the site are being shot by staff at the Amarillo Globe-News. MORE

A reader-driven redesign 5/13/14

By Jane Nicholes
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Readers gave The Dallas Morning News a blueprint of what they wanted in the business section and what more they wanted on Sunday: additional personal finance coverage and a better synopsis of what's going on outside the circulation area. MORE

Collaboration makes national news with Tuition Tracker 4/28/14

By Jane Nicholes
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   What's the sticker price for college tuition? There are wide differences in the net price for higher-income students versus lower-income students. This collaborative Tuition Tracker helps families compare costs. It's also proven to be a gift to newspapers across the country. MORE

The Stolen Ones 3/31/14

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   This special report by The Herald-Tribune in Sarasota details the sex-trafficking industry in the Gulf Coast beach town of 50,000 people. The report looks at the criminal justice system's struggles to provide justice to sexually exploited children. It also describes how those children struggle to break free of the trades in which they are forced to work. MORE

The Florida Times-Union launches events calendar 3/17/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   The Florida Times-Union and have launched a new multi-platform, fully responsive Jacksonville Events Calendar. MORE

Tampa Bay Times, The Center for Investigative Reporting launch Charity Checker 1/30/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   The Tampa Bay Times, in partnership with The Center for Investigative Reporting, has built an online tool that captures what the nation's top charity watchdogs have to say about more than 11,000 charities. Other newspapers can embed part of this tool into their websites by using the Charity Checker widget. MORE

The letters tell the story 11/13/13

By Jane Nicholes
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Growing up, the Anderson children knew their parents had a collection of letters from World War II. What was in those letters became a five-day series in the Salisbury Post tied to Veterans Day. MORE

Positive, energetic and proactive content 10/17/13

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   A Labor Day special section in Orangeburg, S.C., proved popular with local businesses. It included 16 pages of ads, nine of them full pages. Color positions sold out quickly. Included were two sponsorships: to the county economic development commission and the county chamber of commerce. MORE

Local hospital sponsors pink bags for breast cancer awareness

Local hospital draws awareness to breast cancer with pink newspaper bags. More

10 Commandments of local news coverage

Bill Ketter, vice president/news for CNHI, offers these tips for improving local news coverage. More

What works for McDonald's, works for classifieds, too

Stealing the value meal concept from McDonald's and the "Have it your way" slogan from Burger King, Creative Circle created some winning house ads for several of its classified redesign clients that saved time in the call center and increased upsell sales at the same time. More
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