New Drive section is wrapped around Friday edition of newspaper 10/30/13

By Sean Ireland, Special to the SNPA eBulletin
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   A new weekly automotive section in Anderson, S.C., has turned around the paper's automotive category, which had been down year over year. Now, the paper is seeing a significant weekly lift in revenue. MORE

Not quite paperless 9/19/13

By Mary Ann DeSantis, special to the SNPA eBulletin
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Instead of invoicing, Community News Publications runs credit card payments for ads when the paper is delivered. This helps cash flow and keeps ad reps focused on selling new contracts – not collecting money. MORE

Get people excited about shopping and everybody wins 6/18/13

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Turns out the idea of shopping in pajamas brings scores of people to a local mall, and can attract sponsors and advertisers to your paper. MORE

Here's a solution for difficult coupon books 6/4/13

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   A coupon-targeting spadea wrap on the Sunday comics is generating $70,000 in annual revenue in Wheeling, W.Va. MORE

UV color tower attracts higher-end advertisers 6/4/13

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Glossy printing locks in a succession of key, high-end advertisers for Breeze Newspapers. MORE

Local hospital sponsors pink bags for breast cancer awareness

Local hospital draws awareness to breast cancer with pink newspaper bags. More

10 Commandments of local news coverage

Bill Ketter, vice president/news for CNHI, offers these tips for improving local news coverage. More

What works for McDonald's, works for classifieds, too

Stealing the value meal concept from McDonald's and the "Have it your way" slogan from Burger King, Creative Circle created some winning house ads for several of its classified redesign clients that saved time in the call center and increased upsell sales at the same time. More
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