Newscycle Solutions releases major new circulation software update 8/4/15

New software version delivers enhancements for premium billing, single sign-on, CRM, self-service and customer targeting.


2015 inductees announced for National Circulation Director Hall of Fame 6/30/15

Mark Henschen, Joe Wheeler and Booker Izell have been inducted into the National Circulation Director Hall of Fame.


Newscycle introduces new single sign-on solution 6/23/15

Combined with Digital Paymeter, iServices Subscriber and external applications, SSO eliminates password fatigue for online customers.


New software release will help newspapers be proactive in growing audience 4/13/15

Newscycle's Circulation Analytics software release includes new reporting tools and performance optimization features.


Global Ad Distribution signs with Newscycle Solutions to install CirculationPro 3/10/15

Newscycle’s circulation system has been selected to increase revenues and improve management processes at Global Ad Distribution.


Evaluating your expense model: Potentially a big win for your bottom line 2/24/15

By Bob Terzotis, vice president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

For most executives, keeping up with the rapidly changing publishing business has required them to "up their game" and rethink their approach to managing revenues. To compensate for shrinking print advertising revenues, publishers are placing greater emphasis on digital revenues, finding ways to effectively move print advertisers to digital advertising and counting on circulation revenue to play a much larger role in the total revenue picture. Often, newspaper executives focus only on their expense line during budget season or when revenue isn't meeting expectations. However, strategic operational expense adjustments are necessary to maintain profitability and warrant the same level of focus as revenue – especially for departments that require a significant portion of your operating budget.


Hearst Newspapers to install NEWSCYCLE Solutions' circulation system 2/10/15

Newscycle's cloud-based circulation software will bring new revenue opportunities to Hearst properties.


Activation fees: What newspapers can learn from the services industry 1/27/15

By Chris Christian, vice president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

If your newspaper is not charging activation fees for new subscription accounts, you could be missing out on a significant potential revenue source. Activation fees are commonplace in the service industry and, in recent years, also have been getting the attention of newspapers.


Why one size doesn't fit all 1/13/15

By Matt Lindsay, president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

Publishing has become a tough business. Gone are the days of relatively easy profits and high margins. Advertising revenue no longer covers all the overhead expense and subsidizes the cost of subscriptions, so readers pay a fraction of the cost to produce and deliver the product. The Internet and new digital distribution channels have forever changed the economics of the publishing business and the relative balance of advertising versus audience revenue. What are the implications for revenue growth and the profit maximizing pricing strategy under this new paradigm?


Top Revenue and Audience-Growth Ideas 12/16/14

For just $35, receive a 23-page PDF highlighting Top Revenue and Audience-Growth Ideas shared by SNPA members.

As a bonus, the last page of the report includes a link to a PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation on this same topic at the 2014 News Industry Summit, led by SNPA President Charles Hill Morris and Steve Gray.

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