Losing a subscriber is so sad


This is a cute idea my whole staff worked to make happen. I'm sure someone else did one somewhere, but this was the best I had seen and I still get requests for more info on this program.   

This was done as a four-page wrap and placed around the last paper delivered to the expiring subscriber's home. The front page featured a photo (I suggested a cute dog; they insisted on me) and a lot of blank space with headlines pointing out the missing news. The inside left page featured a knock off on Dear Abby and a crossword puzzle about renewing.

The inside right page featured some headline knock offs of typical sports articles in the paper without the articles and more blank space.  The back page references the classified ads without any and a renewal form on the bottom of the page.

After the wrap was delivered with the last home delivery a subscriber had paid for, we experienced some calls to the office from people renewing their subscription. They joked that the blank pages made them think about what they would miss. The follow-up calls to the others made for fun calls – even if they did not renew.

In all, about 70 percent of the subscribers renewed. Probably half of them just needed to be reminded; they had intended to renew, but it had just slipped their mind.  The others were retained thanks to phone calls made by an outstanding retention staff who had the ability to make the call lighthearted, while pointing out the benefits that would be lost without the newspaper.

Of course, there was real sadness at the loss of any subscriber who did not renew.  But, even then, those subscribers were left with a pleasant impression of the paper and its staff.

Just saying ...

Lewis Floyd is a senior associate with W.B. Grimes & Company, with responsibility for the Southern states.  He may be reached at (850) 532-9466 or lfloyd@mediamergers.com.

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