LIONshare could put millions in ad revenue in coffers of local media publishers 8/18/14

By Conrad Jungmann – Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Over the next year, RJI and LION Digital Media will be transforming LIONshare® from an internal system into an open platform called LIONshare® Media Planner that can be freely accessed by all digital marketers and publishers. Here is a breakdown of what they are building. MORE offers access to more than 6,000 vehicles 5/5/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   The Richmond Times-Dispatch launches the "click and easy way" to find a new ride! MORE

WebSpectator brings time-based ad viewability metric to ad:tech San Francisco 3/31/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   New Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS) advertising metric helps publisher triple ad impressions, increase inventory served and increase CPMs by 87 percent. MORE

Tribune re-imagines news for mobile 3/25/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Human voice and text-to-speech technology delivers thousands of stories from top newspapers and websites. MORE drives $90K with golf card 3/11/14

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Popular golf card has customers demanding more; on track to make $112K. MORE

Ideas for the ultimate wedding ballot 2/11/14

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   This category list will make setting up your ballot a piece of (wedding) cake. MORE

9 tips for planning, selling & promoting basketball promotions 1/29/14

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   The college basketball tournament may be short, but the opportunities to score promotions revenue are immense. MORE

Golf contest drives over $100K for 1/16/14

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY's Mulligan Match-Up was so popular that the paper extended it six weeks beyond the original run time. MORE

Digital content subscription strategies pay off for publishers 12/12/13

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Despite the wide availability of free content sources online, a strong market exists for paid subscription-based content. This survey of Online Publishers Association members looks at best practices for implementing and growing a digital subscription business. MORE

A definitive guide to verifying digital content 11/13/13

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   This resource for journalists and aid providers will provide tools, techniques and step-by-step guidelines on how to deal with user-generated content during emergencies. MORE

Local hospital sponsors pink bags for breast cancer awareness

Local hospital draws awareness to breast cancer with pink newspaper bags. More

10 Commandments of local news coverage

Bill Ketter, vice president/news for CNHI, offers these tips for improving local news coverage. More

What works for McDonald's, works for classifieds, too

Stealing the value meal concept from McDonald's and the "Have it your way" slogan from Burger King, Creative Circle created some winning house ads for several of its classified redesign clients that saved time in the call center and increased upsell sales at the same time. More
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