Local advertisers are agitated (and doing something about it) 9/6/16

Borrell Associates has been busy this summer vastly expanding its annual survey of local advertisers. That research is now complete, and the analysis is available for download.


Nominees announced for SNPA Foundation Board of Trustees 8/30/16

The SNPA Board of Directors will elect five trustees for the SNPA Foundation at its meeting in Sarasota on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

The trustees, in turn, will elect their officers – also that same morning.

Read this article to see who has been nominated as the three Foundation officers, as well as trustees. MORE

Chris Reen nominated as president of SNPA for 2016-17 8/30/16

Christopher P. Reen, president and publisher of The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City, Okla., will be nominated during the SNPA News Industry Summit to be the next president of SNPA.

SNPA members will elect officers for 2016-17 on Thursday morning, Sept. 15, in Sarasota, Fla.

Read this article to see who has been nominated as additional SNPA officers and as members of the Board of Directors.

If you have not registered for the conference yet, please register right away. Costs increase $100 per person on Thursday. MORE

Machinists union abandons unit in Omaha 8/22/16

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Law Firm

This month, Mike Zinser looks at a newspaper that withdrew recognition of a bargaining unit, legislation that would limit the Department of Labor's Final Rule on overtime, and whether Title VII covers sexual orientation.


Sharing power and developing our staff 8/16/16

By Jules Ciotta

We are, each of us, the sum total of all our experiences. One problem and/or situation affects us in others.

When employees feel strong, involved and needed, they get extraordinary things done while those who feel weak and insignificant consistently underperform and want to flee.

People who feel powerless tend to hoard the power they have. For example, powerless leaders usually adapt petty and dictatorial styles where political skills are utilized. "Covering your rear" and "passing the buck" are modes used to handle difficulties. Powerless employees tend to follow orders and avoid taking any initiative.

Sharing power is the answer. It lets workers know they are responsible for doing their own jobs – doing what they're paid to do – to help the organization succeed. It helps management and non-management realize the need not "to major in minor things" and continue to ensure that accountability is part of the day-to-day operation.

Read this article for some methods that should be incorporated to ensure this approach is being effectively applied.


Be your buyer to determine your selling price 8/2/16

By Lewis Floyd, senior associate, W.B. Grimes & Co.

Almost every owner has a selling price he or she would like for the business, including publishers. The publishing industry has used many methods to determine a publication's value; the most common method now used is a multiple of cash flow. However, often sellers set a price by what their business is worth to them, and sometimes it is based on what they need, which is rarely related to the value.


Lesson in leadership 7/19/16

By Jules Ciotta

There is a misconception about what leadership is and what it takes to be an effective leader today. Oftentimes a member of top management can relate success to bottom-line results, not realizing that without commitment to the dignity of each employee this success is usually short lived.


Zinser offers employer action plan for addressing new rule on overtime 7/19/16

Michael Zinser outlined an action plan for all employers during last week's webinar on the U.S. Department of Labor’s New Rule on Overtime.

While he noted that the November 2016 election could impact the finality of the rule, he encouraged all employers to take steps now so they are prepared to implement the changes.


When to disregard negative criticism 6/28/16

By Jules Ciotta

It's important to remember that not all criticism is valid. To benefit from negative feedback, you must learn to appraise criticism and decide whether to act on it. Otherwise, you may react to every negative comment and end up adopting counterproductive habits. Use these criteria to determine how to respond to negative feedback.


Last chance to qualify for FREE copy of SNPA Salary Survey results 5/24/16

All questionnaires for this year's SNPA Salary Survey must be returned to the SNPA office by this Friday, May 27.

Publishers who share data for this important study will receive a benchmarking report the first week of June that looks at salaries and wages of department heads and non-supervisory staff.