SLP announces discount, end-to-end warranty on CRON-ECRM thermal platesetter purchases


Because every newspaper printing operation has unique requirements, Southern Lithoplate, Inc. (SLP) forges strategic partnerships with industry leaders to create the most complete and cost-effective newspaper computer-to-plate (CtP) solutions. As the exclusive North American distributor of CRON-ECRM's thermal newspaper platesetter series, SLP is offering SNPA members a 5 percent discount on the purchase of CRON-ECRM hardware, as part of SNPA's new Strategic Partnership Program. This new CtP system provides a true alternative to thermal platemaking devices in the marketplace.

"Newspaper publishers and printers are looking to us to help define how imaging offset digital plates in CtP devices will impact their growth," said Steve Mattingly, senior vice president of SLP. "Our best-in-class partners have long proven that the combination of creativity and technology is a powerful force, and they have been at the entrepreneurial forefront of digital innovation. Now, with CRON-ECRM as a partner, our network can even more powerfully help customers connect deeply with readers and advertisers, generate fresh revenue streams and maximize the return on their investment."

SLP backs the TP-36 with a three-year, stem-to-stern warranty on all parts, excluding annual consumable parts. Laser diodes are warrantied for three years or accumulated plate output of 200,000 plates.

The TP-36 accommodates conventional processed, processless and chemistry-free thermal plates. It supports SLP's Viper® 830 and Viper 830 TPX® processed plates, as well as the Liberty NXP no-process plate.

Each external-drum model in the TP-36 series enables purchasers to tailor the output and automation features to their specific productivity requirements. Furthermore, SLP's certified technicians can modify the devices in the field after installation to achieve faster imaging speeds and full automation.

Customers can order platesetters outfitted with 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 or 96 laser diodes. The variable diode option gives users an upgrade path to higher exposure speed. Throughput rises with the number of laser diodes. The individual fiber-coupled diodes ensure built-in redundancy so users will not face lost production in the event of a laser failure.

Four standard image settings – 1,200 dpi, 1,270 dpi, 1,500 dpi and 1,800 dpi – provide a choice of resolutions. This exposure range enables the TP-36 to produce dots from 1 percent to 99 percent consistently and repeatably.

Affordable options, such as a 200-plate autoloader with slip sheet removal or multiple-cassette autoloader with slip sheet removal, increase productivity and reduce manual intervention.

"SLP has successfully built its business by responding to market needs," Mattingly said. "CRON-ECRM's distinctive technology benefits – more features, higher performance and better reliability – are at the very core of how brands need to approach their business. We are pleased to bring these benefits to our customers along with the excellent support they have always received from SLP."

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