RJI Futures Lab update #36

Data apps, news experiences and the newscast format

In this week's Futures Lab update, the Reynolds Journalism Institute explores how better use of analytics and data could help newsrooms improve their coverage and connect with audiences.

PART 1: Thinking more like marketers

Most news organizations track things like page views and unique visitors. But more sophisticated data, along with better use of the numbers, could help newsrooms improve their journalism. RJI recaps four key ways newsrooms could be smarter with their online metrics.

PART 2: Analytics tools

Real-time analytics tools like Chartbeat and Parse.ly enable users to know what is happening with a website at any given moment. RJI explores how the tools work and how newsrooms can make use of them.

PART 3: Learning about mobile audiences

Understanding the unique behavior patterns on the mobile platform can help newsrooms decide how to best serve that audience, too. Learn how some news organizations are capturing and interpreting the data about mobile users.

Watch the RJI Futures Lab video update here.

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