McClatchy to drive subscriptions through new nationwide opinion initiative


McClatchy is focusing its attention on the power of its opinion journalism to drive subscriptions and engagement across its portfolio of 30 media companies.

In a memo released to staff last week, Kristin Roberts, vice president of news, and Colleen Nelson, national opinion editor, outlined the effort to achieve deeper results from its opinion pages.

"We're announcing the next steps in creating a single 'Opinion' structure that will deliver community-focused, award-worthy journalism and a better return on audience and subscription conversions," Roberts and Nelson wrote.

The move comes as the company has reported success specifically across its Kansas City and Charlotte, N.C., newsrooms.

"Until now, we've had a hodge-podge of reporting lines and organizational charts for 'Opinion' editors, 'Opinion' writers, local columnists and their supervisors. We're changing that," Roberts and Nelson wrote.

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