NEWSCYCLE Solutions strengthens SalesLink CRM


NEWSCYCLE Solutions has announced the release of SalesLink 2017-1. The latest software includes a Google Maps widget, enabling sales representatives to identify unassigned leads and locate inactive customers in defined geographical areas. A new advertising package tool helps increase revenue and simplify the order process when booking ad bundles. Another new feature in SalesLink 2017-1 is support for business areas, which allows multiple sales reps to share a single account, with commissions split proportionally on booked orders.

"We continually add tools to SalesLink to help increase revenue, efficiency and productivity for our customers," said Aubrey Medley. "For example, in our new SalesLink release, we took the Google Maps technology integrated into SalesLink 2016-4 and put it into a standard widget. Now, sales reps can view and navigate to open leads or find inactive customers that might benefit from having a new sales rep. While out in the field, sales reps can quickly see the 'up for grabs' businesses within a specified radius and work those leads to generate revenue."

Medley adds, "We included an ad package option as an upsell feature for sales. Rather than offer and book one ad at a time, sales reps can book more ads on individual orders quickly by offering bundled ads – it's no longer a complicated or time-consuming process."

SalesLink 2017-1 features include: 

Google Map Widget
The map widget identifies available leads and latent customers needing a new sales rep. The widget pulls information from the database and displays it directly on the map. Reps can use the data to revitalize sales pipelines by developing new relationships with advertisers and discovering new opportunities.    

Print Packages
Enhancements to the user interface and a new Create Package feature allow sales reps to work with customers on-site more resourcefully. Upsell options are available and designed for reps to quickly book complicated advertising orders. Digital and multimedia packages are available in SalesLink 2017-2, scheduled to be released in June 2017.

Business Areas
Business areas are grouped by media type (print, digital, by product, etc.) to identify sales reps assigned to each account. Users can create, edit and delete business areas on a customer record and allow additional users on individual customer accounts. 

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