NEWSCYCLE Solutions delivers new content targeting module in ONSET 2016-4


NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the general release of the ONSET 2016-4 digital content management platform. The latest software introduces ONSET Engage, NEWSCYCLE's content personalization and targeting module. ONSET 2016-4 also provides enhanced ad serving with integration to Google's DoubleClick for Publishers.

A new email notification capability in ONSET 2016-4 lets users receive alerts based on content categories. The software also automates the production of multi-site environments, where a single landing page can be shared across several publications or domains.

"ONSET 2016-4 is our fourth rapid release since we introduced ONSET in June," said Kelli Chmielorz, director of product strategy for NEWSCYCLE's media systems. "We promised we would aggressively deliver tools that meet industry demands. The latest release does that. Added features simplify content management processes, and the ONSET Engage module allows publishers to understand their readers better. It provides a complete profile of each website visitor so publishers can deliver targeted, fresh content to help retain audiences and attract readers."

ONSET 2016-4 includes the following:

ONSET Engage
ONSET Engage is a new audience targeting and personalization module. Engage tracks all website visitors and works with every type of reader engagement across a publisher's digital channels to present personalized content in real time.

With ONSET Engage, publishers can target an audience's unique interests and use predictive analytics to understand customer behavior. Engage uses a built-in multimedia content curation tool enabling readers to choose and share topics. Advertisers can place ads adjacent to editorial content relevant to potential customers. Ads can also be placed on sites that generate the highest numbers of impressions.

Engage traces a site visitor's online activity by progressively collecting audience information from a variety of sources: web analytics, registration databases, demographic data repositories, paywall subscriptions, as well as social media user data, allowing for continually refined targeting.

Ad Serving Support
The Ad Spots module allows for simple block creation and ad serving anywhere on an ONSET site. It supports Google DoubleClick for Publishers as well as any other tag manager.

Email Notifications
The same workflow notifications ONSET offers with Slack integration are now available through email. Users create email groups based on content categories, and receive automatic messages when articles are assigned, written, edited, published, unpublished or deleted within the category.

Publication Taxonomy
A new taxonomy level allows a publisher to use one home page for multiple publications. The benefit is that a site can run a multi-site environment without having to worry about multiple domains or homepages to administer. One landing page can now be used for several publications, and an authorized user can set the publication as a category of the home page. Category trees are copied under each publication, and page aliases have the form of a natural URL. Integration provides real-time and historical analytics for all content on a publisher's website. Instead of placing tags on every page for an analytics platform to ingest, users can quickly configure tags within ONSET to harvest the data.

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