How to photograph a fire: A journalist's guide


Not sure what to do when your editor sends you to a fire scene and tells you to take a camera? This journalist's guide from the Ohio Newspaper Association will show you what you need to know the next time you're sent to tell the story of a fire through photographs.

  • Shooting the flames
    • Arrive during the fire
    • Find the location of the flames
    • Change lenses depending on your location and purpose
    • Keep your camera's exposure on automatic
  • Types of shots
    • Overall-scene shots
    • Location-identifying shots
    • Around-the-building shots
    • Human-interest shots
    • Look for sources of light
    • Keep your camera steady
    • Watch where you're going
    • For Twitter and Instagram
    • For your website
  • Final tips to remember
    • Stay alert
    • Find the human side
    • Take a lot of photos

View the guide, which includes tips and photos from award-winning photographers.

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