Snap! Dallas Morning News photographers offer photo workshop


A great food photo doesn't merely capture the perfection of a restaurant dish or the gooey goodness of a chocolate chip cookie. It invites us to taste those alluring flavors, take in the aromas and textures, and even experience something of the moment when the photo was shot. A great food photo makes you hungry – to eat, to read, to cook and to learn: how did they get that incredible shot?

The next Dallas Morning News EatDrinkInsider event will delve into exactly that, in an intensive food photography workshop with three members of the paper's staff. Director of photography Marcia Allert and photographers Ryan Michalesko and Shaban Athuman will lead a four-hour session on Saturday, March 16, focusing on food photography using a mobile phone.

The class of 15 participants will begin at the downtown Dallas Farmers Market. After a short lesson from the pros, class members will roam the market and shoot dishes, produce, farmers and whatever else catches their eye. Everyone will then walk a few blocks to the Dallas Morning News offices, where Allert and her team will review and discuss everyone's work over lunch.

The paper is selling tickets to subscribers for $50 and to nonsubscribers for $100, plus tax and fees. Each ticket covers the lecture, workshop and lunch.

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