SNPA President, 2013-14

Tom Silvestri outlines goals and initiatives for coming year


During the Monday morning general session at the News Industry Summit, newly elected SNPA President Thomas A. Silvestri outlined five goals and five initiatives that will guide SNPA and receive priority in the coming year.  Silvestri is president and publisher of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch.

He told conference attendees that SNPA is in a strong position to succeed.  "SNPA enjoys tremendous loyalty from the owners and publishers of newspapers, who value its services and its traditions," Silvestri said. He noted that finances are solid, membership is committed and said SNPA has a great staff.

Silvestri said the five goals that will guide SNPA's work in 2013-14 are:

  • "We want to pump up.  We want to enhance the networking and sharing opportunities for newspaper executives."
  • "We want to build up and be the favored resource for best ideas and best practices."
  • "We want to stand up.  We want to be the leader in innovation and effective professional development."
  • "We don't want to give up.  We want to up-size our support and give publishers the tools to champion newspapers and the newspaper industry."
  • "And, we want to re-up.  We want to reinvigorate SNPA's membership, particularly in the participation and membership base."

Priorities for the coming year will be to:

  • Create a two-way SNPA mentorship program that links experienced leaders with talented up-and-comers.  Jason Taylor, president and general manager of the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press, will lead this effort.
  • Advance the strategic plan, guided by the board, the committees, the members and the staff.
  • Encourage all members to commit 10 minutes every day to SNPA: check the website, read the eBulletin, call a friend, email an idea for a program.
  • Create open forums at every SNPA conference where the attendees are the content.  Silvestri commented that every member has experiences and ideas that need to be shared.  He wants SNPA to serve as the avenue to pull these ideas out, where the hallway conversations become the "dessert" for the main course sessions.
  • Reach out to publishers individually for their suggestions, best practices, insights and – yes – their complaints, which often lead to good ideas.

In addition to Silvestri, the following officers were elected:

  • Chairman: Digby Solomon, president, publisher and CEO, Daily Press, Newport News, Va.
  • President-Elect: Charles Hill Morris Jr., regional manager, Morris Multimedia, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Treasurer: Robert J. Weil, vice president/operations, The McClatchy Co., Sacramento, Calif.

Digby Solomon Charles Hill Morris  Bob Weil

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The SNPA Board of Directors consists of one director from each of the 14 SNPA states, and four at-large directors. Terms on the board are staggered.

Elected to seats on the board were:

Eliza Gaines David Dunn-Rankin  Rufus Friday
P.J. Browning Michael Ferguson  Michael Redding

Three directors are leaving the board after this year's convention:

Directors continuing on the board are:

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