Twitter up-sells: JobsDiva, DrivesDiva


The Richmond Times-Dispatch has created a new revenue source by offering Twitter up-sells to classified line ads.

The first classified category to launch was recruitment under the JobsDiva Twitter handle. A pilot group of regular advertisers was created. These valued advertisers received free tweets for a month, creating a base of job tweets during initial promotion. These free tweets helped establish the feed and gain followers.

The next step was to begin selling the Twitter product at $10 per tweet. While still in the early stages, JobsDiva has been successful, with 430 followers and generating more than $4,200 in revenue.

Promotion includes print ads in The Times-Dispatch and affiliated publications, but the focus of promotional efforts has been digital, utilizing banner advertising, e-mail and posts on the company's other social media accounts. In addition, the JobsDiva follows 74 recruitment-based Twitter accounts.

The Times-Dispatch's second Twitter initiative, DrivesDiva, recently was launched, using pilot accounts to deliver automotive ads as the follower base is built.

Additional Twitter offerings are planned for other classified categories, including yard sales, pets and real estate.

Follow the Jobs Diva at or the Drives Diva at

Additional information: John W. Kelly, or (804) 649-6136

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