Hussman inspires Seaton papers to adopt core values statement


The Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction, Colo., and other newspapers owned by Seaton Publishing will soon be adopting their own set of Core Values, inspired by the column that Walter Hussman Jr., ran recently in the Wall Street Journal.

Jay Seaton, publisher of The Daily Sentinel, said their statement of values won't be a verbatim copy of the WEHCO Media statement, but – in many respects – will be a strong reflection of the values the WEHCO papers hold.

Reaction to Hussman's column from the WSJ, which The Daily Sentinel reprinted last Friday, came quickly.

One reader responded saying: "Every working journalist in this country should be required to read this column every day!"

The staff of The Daily Sentinel also responded immediately, in support of their newspaper issuing its own statement of core values.

"The statement we need to make to readers," Seaton said, "should differentiate responsible community journalism, which is mission-driven, from what cable news offers, which presents news information as entertainment."

"We've got to stake out the difference," Seaton said, "or we're in real trouble."

To survive all the disruption in the media space, Seaton said newspapers need to "double down" on ethics.

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