Carmage Walls Commentary Prize

14 entries received in the "over 50,000" circulation bracket


Fourteen entries have been received in the larger circulation bracket (over 50,000) for this year's Carmage Walls Commentary Prize. 

First- and second-place honors will be awarded. Judges also may designate several entries for honorable mention.

Winning entries will be announced at the News Industry Summit, Oct. 10-12 in Nashville, Tenn. 

SNPA members are invited to comment at the end of this article on the entries.  Which entries do you feel are the strongest ... and why?

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Entry #1: David Barham and Paul Greenberg - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock, Ark.

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    • Abortion care?
    • The abortionist's song
    • 'Baby in the womb'
    • Words, words, words
    • The meaning of life

Entry #2: Ed Buckley - The Post and Courier, Charleston, S.C.

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    • Better protections for ratepayers
    • Clean up nuclear disaster
    • The opposite of prudent
    • Make shareholders share cost
    • Go ahead and slash SCANA rates
    • Compromise on rate cut

Entry #3: Ray Carter - The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Okla.

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    • The success of Oklahoma's Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Program ...
    • We have written before about flaws ...
    • Those willing to abuse power and mistreat people ...
    • Critics often caricature Republicans as greedy and heartless ...

Entry #4: Juan Castillo - Austin American Statesman, Austin, Texas

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    • We can't let gun violence remain the new normal
    • Yes, we can do something to stop the gun massacres
    • Thoughts and prayers won't stop this cycle of madness
    • Listen to our children about guns

Entry #5: Brian Colligan, The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, Va.

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    • Beach slowly moves forward on flooding fixes
    • Hurricane Harvey shoud serve as a deadly warning
    • A long year of recovery from Hurricane Matthew
    • FEMA funds can improve oceanfront flood control
    • Beach still cleaning up after Matthew
    • Climate change also threatens that other coast

Entry #6: Clint Cooper - Chattanooga Times Free Press, Chattanooga, Tenn.

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    • The irony of moving a peacemaker
    • Goodbye, Columbus
    • Would bust be welcome at battlefield?
    • Berke's empty ploy

Entry #7: Clint Cooper - Chattanooga Times Free Press, Chattanooga, Tenn.

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    • Sizing up teachers for gun duty
    • Legislators vote for tuition break this time
    • Graduating into a big world
    • School board isn't transparent
    • The challenge for Johnson
    • Class rankings a life preview?

Entry #8: Daily Press Staff - Daily Press, Newport News, Va.

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    • Taking responsibility
    • Missteps in the dark
    • Straighten up and fly right
    • A betrayal of public trust
    • Changing the flight plan
    • Your money, your business

Entry #9: Howard Goodman - The Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, Fla.

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    • Want a better country? These changes could do it.
    • Lady Liberty's in need of a Xanax, psychologists find
    • Call the GOP's tax bill what you like; it sure isn't democratic
    • Counties, and now some businesses, focusing on climate threat
    • Parkland survivors show times are still a-changin'

Entry #10: Sharon Grigsby - The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas

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    • Letter to judges
    • Baylor, come clean
    • Baylor still fails survivors
    • Blamed and shamed
    • Baylor sex assault scandal
    • Baylor's brave women
    • Baylor still hurting itself

Entry #11: David Plazas - The Tennessean, Nashville, Tenn.

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    • Is Nashville in an urban crisis?
    • Nashville's strong neighborhoods
    • Affordable housing: Not now, not never
    • Megan Barry betrayed Nashville
    • Megan Barry must resign for the sake of Nashville
    • Can Mayor Briley bridge Nashville's wealth gap?

Entry #12: Pam Sohn - Chattanooga Times Free Press, Chattanooga, Tenn.

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    • All politics are local, especially with the environment
    • City: Don't dumb-down stormwater rules
    • Wacker owes community respect, safety and honesty
    • Time and the Tennessee River
    • Remember Earth Day -- Every day
    • Ending emissions testing would threaten jobs

Entry #13: Pam Sohn - Chattanooga Times Free Press, Chattanooga, Tenn.

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    • Country music sings new tune on guns
    • Gun talk is not 'too soon'; it's too late
    • Dalton teacher was armed -- and depressed
    • All but lawmakers take responsibility for guns
    • Hamilton Place and Chattanooga dodged a bullet
    • Is school safety worth a quarter a day?

Entry #14: Dwayne Yancey - The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, Va.

  • view entry - Voice of the Unheard
    • Letter to the judges
    • Time to get vocal
    • Should America just write off Appalachia?
    • Barefoot and pregnant
    • Turn unused schools into tax-free zones
    • Exhibit A for disparity?
    • A moral debt
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