Webinar: Taming the E-mail Beast 3/26/14

Randy Dean, author of "Taming the E-mail Beast: 45 Key Strategies for Better Managing Your E-mail Overload," will focus on managing the mess of e-mail and information overload during a one-hour webinar on Friday, May 9. MORE

Simplifying Digital Service Selling for BIG PROFITS! 3/3/14

A recording (plus all downloads and slides) of Mike Blinder's session at the Key Executives Mega-Conference on "Simplifying Digital Service Selling for BIG PROFITS!" now is available for viewing at no cost. Blinder says many media companies are launching separate digital agencies that offer marketing solutions (beyond inches and banners) to their advertisers. However, this program focuses on successful newspapers that have chosen not to staff up heavily with separate digital sales teams ... or pay hefty vendor fees for outsourced services. Instead, the case studies featured in this session focus on innovative, profitable, turnkey ways to expand product offerings, sold by the legacy sales teams! MORE

A+ for Advanced Digital Sales Training Course 12/3/13

This course covers everything from using digital tools for finding more prospects, how to prepare multi-media ad packages and how to sell to the top online-spending business categories. This article includes a link where you can view one module at no cost! MORE

Take your sales staff through the basics of advertising sales 5/30/13

If you've been wishing for a good (but low-cost) advertising sales training program for your staff, Online Media Campus has the answer. Your entire advertising sales staff can have unlimited access to two outstanding webinar packages that will improve their basic skills – with both print and digital advertising. MORE
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