Webinar: Using Excel as a Reporting Tool 2/2/16

Join Erin Jordan as she shares her tips for making the most of Excel as a reporting tool. She'll cover the basics of ranking, summing, finding medians and averages, computing percentage changes and creating pivot tables.


Free Webinars: Digital Agency Best Practices 1/25/16

Guarantee Digital – an SNPA strategic partner – shares best practices driving digital agency revenue in newspaper partner markets of all sizes.

During three FREE webinars in February (Feb. 10, 17 and 24), receive actionable tips and ideas from Guarantee Digital for digital agencies at any stage of the game.

The third webinar will be presented as a LIVE Event at the conclusion of the Mega-Conference. Participate in person on Feb. 24 at 11:30 (Central) or online through the webinar.

Advance registration is free, but required.


Webinar: Resisting Regurgitation 1/12/16

Tim Schmitt, with GateHouse Media, will share tips on how to make your stories multifaceted and people-focused, rather than just regurgitating the information you receive.


Webinar: Social Journalism 1/12/16

In this webinar, Dr. Carrie Brown will explain social journalism and define best practices for journalists seeking to use social media and other tools to better listen, engage and serve their audiences.


Webinar: Personalizing the Customer Journey 1/12/16

During this webinar, national speaker and sales trainer Allan Barmak will show you the personalization tools that are available today along with examples of how other newspapers and publications are leveraging this technology. You will learn how to build a "customer journey" which will engage your readers and add new revenue streams.


Webinar: Instant Sales -- Six-Step Proven Process 11/30/15

One isn't born knowing how to prospect. It's a skill and ability that is developed over time. During this webinar, Steve Kloyda will share his proven six-step process.