What's the key to boosting newspaper profitability? 12/9/14

By Matt Lindsay, president of Mather Economics
The key is to unlock the meaning behind the data so that strategies that generate revenue, lower costs, improve customer retention and enhance operational performance can be developed and implemented. Here's a way to meet that challenge inexpensively and efficiently. MORE

Is your audience strategy informed by the right metrics? 11/3/14

By Tom Ratkovich, managing partner, Leap Media Solutions
This is the subject of much discussion and debate, but one dimension of strategy that is universal is time. A true strategy cannot achieve ambitious objectives in the short-term. A strategy is essentially a plan to bring about a desired future and, therefore, requires a long-term, sustained focus. So why do so many audience marketers look at a short-term metric like cost per order (CPO) to determine whether or not their audience strategy is working? MORE

Should I have my employees sign an arbitration agreement? 8/11/14

By Hagood Tighe, Fisher & Phillips
On a regular basis, I am asked whether companies should have their employees sign arbitration agreements. Generally, I am in favor of arbitration agreements. But, before deciding that arbitration agreements are for you and your business, there are some important considerations. MORE

What's a mobile sales platform? 6/23/14

By Andrea Bergero, partner, i To Eye
When many publishers hear "mobile" they think "app." What's the difference? An app (or native application) is freestanding software that must be downloaded to the user's device. A mobile sales platform is a website designed to be quickly and easily viewed on any smart phone or tablet. MORE

Can you share some benchmarking metrics? 12/31/69

Answered by Bob Terzotis, Mather Economics
An SNPA member asked: What is the circulation operating cost by percentage for newspapers size 20,000-25,000 in the mid-southern region? Is it 15% or higher? Or is it lower? MORE

How do strategic alliances create value for customers? 4/30/14

By Steve Mattingly, senior vice president, Southern Lithoplate, Inc.
Strategic alliances can help manufacturers and suppliers serve their customers through guaranteed continuity and quality of supply. Alliances enable the partners to deploy labor and materials more effectively. In addition, Alliance partners are able to collaborate on bringing new production-enhancing technologies to the market. MORE

Why purchase a newspaper-specific CRM? 4/14/14

By Mark McCormick, president of Mirabel Technologies
Here are three reasons to use newspaper software specific to the industry. MORE

How can newspapers earn political ad dollars? 3/31/14

By Abby Sineni, research manager, Borrell Associates
Political advertising is brought to the forefront during the even numbered years when presidential and congressional elections are being fought and ad dollars show significant spending. However, each year political campaigns and Pacs spend advertising dollars to get their candidates' name and message out. In each election cycle, total advertising and online advertising has seen an increase and will continue to do so. MORE

How do you measure digital sales success? 3/24/14

By John Reetz, Media Solutions Partners
Our company did a survey recently for a client, and one of the questions was "how do digital sales fit into senior management compensation formulas?" Here are representative anecdotal responses from sales managers at a variety of papers. MORE

What are the qualities or traits of the very best salespeople? 3/17/14

By Sammy Papert, president, Wormhole LLC
One of the points I share during every AdSeller training session is what I feel are the qualities or traits of the very best salespeople in the universe. In a time when many of the talents from yesterday are not working like they once did, see if these traits still make sense to you. MORE
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